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51 Fun Weekend Ideas for Your Family


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Dec 13, 2023
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Monday morning I met John at the cafeteria. He was brewing coffee and I was there for a cup of tea. He sighed in between the conversation and said “5 more days”. Seeing my puzzled look, he explained further – “to the weekend”. We all wait for the weekend the whole week. Almost 60 hours, but most of the time we don’t pre-plan to do anything on a weekend.

51 Fun Ideas For weekend

There is so much to do, there are people around, things around. You need to find time and company of your family and friends. I have prepared 51 family fun ideas, these can apply to your friends as well.

If I ask, you may say “Something fun”. Well, what exactly? I have been searching for it for years. These days my fun is sitting in front of the computer and blogging my way through the weekend. SMB hates it.

If you ask me how many we do from below. I’ll seriously have to think if we do any. I prepared this list out of my not-so-creative mind. See, if you find a few interesting

There are many fun activities you can go for to feel great with your loved ones. Keep Reading and discover wonderful options to spend with your family.

Even if you cannot afford a vacation, you can still look into low-cost getaways. Avoid falling for traveling packages that will simply drain your whole budget. Family fun is about having the best time of the week.

51 Weekend ideas that are certainly entertaining yet inexpensive​

  1. Go for a fun bike ride. Make sure you look at bicycle safety. Odds are your family will enjoy cycling for sure. Buy the best bike ever and enjoy outdoor activities. You will be able to implement good habits, too.
  2. Buy a kite. You can even buy a remote control model (Search “RC airplane” on Google). RC airplanes are a lot of fun. Apart from being trendy, this is an innovative and sophisticated toy. Most families enjoy playing with RC models. Don’t hesitate to ask for specifics and guidelines.
  3. Play Frisbee or catch. What if you don’t own one? You can get a plastic disc, a lid maybe. Thus, homemade options are viable. There are no excuses in terms of money. You can play non-stop or until you get tired.
  4. Choose a tour. You can consider touring a fun and historic local establishment, such as a radio station, an old newspaper, etc. You will be amazed at the many benefits that this can bring right away. It is about becoming in touch with local culture, too. Ask around and try to spot the best place.
  5. Go rollerblading. You just need to get protective gear. This will allow your loved ones to feel safe and happy. This is considered a great sport. Don’t rush to any conclusions; try to learn step by step. As soon as you feel comfortable, teach your kids or allow them to rollerblade alone.
  6. Consider visiting a local museum. In case you didn’t know, most museums have special promotions and discounts weekly. Some have free admission on specific days. This is a fantastic cultural activity. It will bring many advantages altogether.
  7. Why not stop by the state capital? Believe it or not, this can be a lot of fun and quite educational. Remember that thinking outside the box is always better.
  8. Visit the zoo. You can easily buy an affordable family pass. If you don’t have a large family, this is a fantastic deal. You don’t even need to pay every time you go. Many passes allow you to visit as many times as you want monthly. All in all, the local zoo tends to be entertaining.
  9. You can go to the airport. Yes, that is right! You will be surprised by the many things you can do. For instance, you can watch airplanes taking off and landing. It can be fun to watch huge planes flying across the sky.
  10. Walk around the closest shopping mall. Many malls have beautiful seasonal decorations and wonderful activities. Avoid missing the latest merchandise and information. Stay tuned so you can save money. You don’t want to overspend at local stores, right? Make a smart purchase decision.
  11. Attend school, local sports games, church, etc. So, if you are a sports fan, how about attending a softball or a basketball game? You can get to cheer on your favorite volleyball game, too, and without paying a single penny. This can be a lot of fun! Give it a try and meet all kinds of individuals with similar tastes.
  12. Consider planting a flower. You can even create a vegetable garden with your relatives. All in all, gardening is fun, educational, and quite healthy. This is a marvelous activity without a doubt. Your kids will learn to be responsible. Plus, your family will save plenty of money on healthy produce.
  13. Plan a trip on a cool city bus. City buses can be entertaining and they are very low cost. As you know, gas prices can be an issue. This is a viable alternative in every sense. So, you can take a ride on the city bus with your family members. They will surely love it! Be ready to spend some extra time so you can arrive at the desired destination.
  14. Make up fun home games. You can also play card games and/or board games. This is a great way to share some time with your beloved family. You can even invite other people. This certainly guarantees success!
  15. Invite your family over for popcorn. You can watch good family movies online or even cook dinner. They will most likely enjoy playing card games, too. Plan and call them as soon as you make up your mind. This is a fantastic way to learn how to share and tolerate.
  16. Run, walk, and jog with your loved ones. Of course, most people love to work out alone, but how about sharing a run at the park? You can even go for a bike ride. Apart from being a grandiose workout, it is a marvelous way to spend some quality time together.
  17. Surprise your family. Consider going on a long and mystery walk. You will be the only one knowing the destination. You can even plan something absolutely special waiting at the very end of the road. So, yes! Don’t think it twice and get to it. This is just a one-of-a-kind idea!
  18. Plan a nature hike. This is healthy and a great option to ensure a great family reunion. Seek for a variety of items, flowers, birds, rocks, natural items, etc. You can all look for all these things on a single walk or just look for a specific item.
  19. Pack a healthy lunch and visit the closest playground. Many parks are just beautiful. Go for it and make a day of this grandiose alternative. You can even plan a picnic at the park. Plus, you can always cook and have a barbecue. If you find it hard to get to a park, prepare a picnic in your beautiful backyard. Get a custom cornhole board and give the family hours of fun right in your backyard.
  20. Get paper plates, cups, utensils, etc., and play a fun indoor picnic. During winter, you can complete it with blankets. Get ready to enjoy yourself like never before! Even if it starts raining, you will be just fine. While nature is hard to beat, this is a great advantage of indoor events.
  21. Plan a trip to the mountains. Remember to take pictures and stop at marvelous scenic overlooks. Gas is expensive so you can stick to the closest areas. Odds are, there are many breathtaking landscapes around your location. You can even consider taking a drive in the beautiful country.
  22. Go fishing and prepare delicious food. You can bring a paddle boat. In addition, pack your swimsuit and make sure you inform your family about water safety. This is a must! Many natural spots have activities planned. You may even meet other families.
  23. Whenever it snows, build cute snowmen, forts, and/or angels. How about a snowball battle? Keep it casual and simple. You can even find a hill to sled down.
  24. Plan a tour of the library. Most often, libraries host conferences or plan activities for kids, like craft activities, storytime, storytelling, films, etc. You can also read a book and enjoy it as a family. Believe it or not, older kids can enjoy younger kid’s stories.
  25. Get a blanket and many books outside your garden. Choose the best spot and read under the shade of a huge tree. After this, you can play hide and seek! Even older kids enjoy this traditional game.
    Beach Fun
    Yours’s truly on a perfect weekend at the beach

    • Buy a puzzle. Work on a word puzzle with your relatives. This will ensure fun! Plus, you will boost your memory and mind. If anything, you can always create your word searches and puzzles.
    • Get many videos and watch them together. How about looking for old family videos? It is a chance to discuss them and share thoughts afterward. Some feature films and comedies are just the perfect excuse to have plenty of fun! In addition, many videos come with questions that are listed on the cover.
    • Prepare delicious and homemade ice cream. You can buy as many ingredients as you want. If you are on a diet, then you can even purchase low-fat yogurt and organic fruits. It is up to your component lifestyle. Ask your relatives and make a shopping list.
    • Homemade finger paints are always fun. Get edible play dough and why not buy invisible ink? There are fantastic possibilities out there that cannot be missed. You will be amazed by several recipes that are displayed online. Browse through top sources and gather as much data as possible.
    • If you enjoy crafts, then you can organize a puppet show. In addition, you can act out a short play. Some families enjoy charades. All in all, it is up to you. But, there is no doubt that artistic activities are always fabulous and an authentic way to get the best out of each family member.
    • Clean up the mess. How about washing the car together? Believe it or not, this can be an entertaining task during a hot day. Get water balloons and enjoy some additional playing time! Sprinklers and squirt guns are also ideal for such occasions.
    • If your family members enjoy the outdoors, then don’t hesitate to plan a camping weekend. Yet, you will need to get the best tent and appropriate toolkits. You must gather a few items that will keep you safe. So, proceed with ease and get that flashlight to camp out in a beautiful place. Don’t forget to go for a stargazing night walk.
    • Indoor tents are always great! You can get blankets draped over your chairs and tables. While this may sound simple, it is a fun idea. Your little ones will just feel amazed and happy. Some children enjoy making their own indoor tents, too.
    • Visit the local planetarium. This is not so common and it can bring many advantages. Apart from learning about constellations and the universe, your kids will be astonished. Try to look at promotions and deals. You will be able to enjoy huge admission discounts.
    • Clean out your garage, your attic, and your basement. You can organize a garage sale. This is perfect in every sense! Apart from saying goodbye to old items, you will be able to make some space for new stuff. Share some quality time with your beautiful family.
    • Choose your favorite songs and sing along. If you play the guitar, then go for it. If your husband or wife enjoys playing the piano, then this is a great opportunity. So, if you have a portable and quality instrument, there is no time to waste. Take it to your camping trip!
    • Write some letters to your relatives. You can organize a small reunion and share them under candles. Plus, it is also a great idea to cook a fancy meal. This is a great option to explore different emotions and get in touch with your inner desires. Express your feelings and don’t forget to be thankful.
    • Do you like pizza? You can have a lot of fun preparing your family pizza. If you aren’t a great cook, then you can just purchase ready-made dough. Keep it simple and avoid complications. Again, if you are on a strict diet plan, you can get fat-free ingredients or even prepare a veggie pizza.
    • Find old albums and get together. You will have infinite fun remembering specific moments. Some memories are just beautiful and stay alive forever. You don’t want to miss such an opportunity, right? Enjoy reminiscing with your loved ones. Get to know how to preserve these memories and consider creating new photo memory pages with your family.
    • Draw the cutest mural ever. You can create a family journal. Compile all your fun times and take new pictures, too. This is a special add-on in every sense. Make homemade decorations and hang them around your home. Just remember to choose matching colors and materials.
    • Bake delicious cookies. You can choose many flavors. Cookie dough is tasty and cheap. Prepare as many cookies as you want and give a few to your neighbors. Don’t forget that sharing is a key point. The same applies to homemade Christmas decorative items. You can come up with wonderful creations.
    • Consider teaching compassion to your children. For instance, you can visit the elderly. If your grandparent is at a retirement facility, plan and take your kids. This is just like doing a helping project. Keep in mind that many needy families are also seeking support.
    • Kids can help prepare special dishes for sick people or needy families. Purchase groceries and share basics. You can deliver them to specific families. During Christmas, you can buy some extra gifts for people in need. This doesn’t mean you will spend a fortune. All it takes is a little planning; you can make a significant difference.
    • Plan a massive cleanup. Apart from cleaning your home, you can encourage people to do a neighborhood cleanup. Get your relatives, neighbors, and friends together to go and clean up a specific block. That is right! You can choose a city block and transform it right away.
    • The Farmers Market is always fun. Communities organize these markets during weekends. You can buy affordable, organic, and locally grown food items. Apart from being fresh, this is tasty and healthy. If anything, look at savvy guides that have been, especially, written for individuals wishing to stay healthy and fit.
    • Buy strawberries and blueberries. This is the perfect choice when it comes to baking a pie. Make sure you select freshly picked fruits. The truth is, you cannot go wrong with homemade pies! You can ask family members to help you with pie crusts. You will be able to prepare the most delicious pie ever.
    • Encourage your family to volunteer at a homeless shelter. You can also volunteer at soup kitchens. Some organizations are open to new members and don’t place many restrictions. This is certainly one of the most rewarding things you can do as a family.
    • Go to the beach. If you live close to the beach, plan a fun weekend. Hit the most beautiful sandy shores for some relaxation. Make sure you bring enough protection to avoid damaging your skin. Your kids should be hydrated and you cannot forget about food and other details. Be ready to ensure the best time ever!
    • Classic movie marathons are always fun. How about choosing a specific genre? Invite some friends, too. Feature classic and/or series. Pick a fun and entertaining episode and discuss it afterward.
    • Rearrange your house furniture. It is always fun to modify a few decorative items. In addition, you will feel renewed and happy. Don’t waste time with boring styles. Create a new ambiance right away. All you need is a bit of help and top interior design ideas. Consider hiring an expert and get help from your relatives to move your furniture.
    • Write a family bucket list. Pick one and go for it! This is quite a challenge and can be a lot of fun. Make sure everyone participates. This is one of the best ideas ever. Be as detail-oriented as possible.

One bonus idea! Especially if you have a big yard, go on a trimming drive. Trimming is an essential part of
gardening and landscaping.

Kids can help design and trim hedges and grass. Unless it’s snow everywhere you will find something to trim and make it look better.

Otherwise, check your plants and shrubs, do they look healthy? Whether they are at the end of their life? Do they need fertilizer or a soil change? A day in the yard with your little ones is a perfect weekend activity for the family.

Readers, how do you spend your weekends frugally? Share your tricks and give us some tips.

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